Sunday, November 20, 2016


Debating is an art. Art is something beautiful. So debating is beautiful.

Ive been debating before but i am not a sesoned one. I enter school level competition once and thats it.

And now suddenly my lovely English Lecturer Miss Syafiqah Johan decided to do an inter class debate tourney among us. Im rusted and unpolished as i go into the tournament but it is just for fun.

I lost at the first round. Garnering hate from my lecterur for taking it lightly ahahahahahahahahahaha.

But i just want Encourage all of you to pickup the sport debating. It gives you the chance to thibk critically, and also spontaneously on the spot. Also research done during the debating period may be useful in writing esssays or just to show off.

Also you would have and insight on current issues based on the motion for example

THBT we shoukd abolish Malay Supremacy Rights.
THW negotiate with Terrorists

And some others including

THW kill Justin Bieber.

So its more fun then stress.

Last words, Enjoy debating and argue a lot


Have you ever thinked how the animal kingdom works. If they were governed by the Lion or do they have enforcements among them, or if the fox is as sly as it said to be. Well, watch Zootopia. Although not accurate, it is basically animals running a country or a city.

Judy, a small bunny from the country, that aspires to do the right thing joined the police force. She was desperate for action and offered herself to find a missing otter. It lead to a whole bigger conspiracy that she discovers. Not too much it would spoil the movie

I can say that this movie also satirical. It showed animals doing human things. Or is it the other way ? Is it us in the current society who looked like animals ? Inside the movie it showed political corruption, tapping in the sensitive issue racism by the leaders in order to gain popularity of the majority. I think this is more recent is you think about it. Anyway. Its a recommended movie as it is filled with laughter joy sadness lesson to be learnt. Suitable for all ages

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Alex Rider Series, A Commentary

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You are never too young to be a teenage spy (or too old in my case). I started reading this franchise around 7 years ago, too late as the franchise were first published an 2002. It started when my mom made me read, she bought a random book at it turns out to be the first book, Stormbreaker. 

And it all started then. As it being an already years since it was first publish finding the books were not that easy, out of the 10 books in the series i only have around 7, Others i read in the form of e-book or pdf. Cost money too, my own money. But never regretted each cent.

The author Anthony Horowitz has an eye on detail, which really stood out in his writings. He did research on many things and described them inch by inch to allow vivid visualization by the readers. He went on from "Alex got on a bike to chase the bad guy" to "Alex saw a bike , A gold yellow Y frame bike made of carbon and reinforced steel complete with 12 inch tires with with a 6 gear chained mechanism." (This are just rambles but you get the point right ?). We are able to live the moment and that what really caught my eye in the first book, contributing to the fanaticism.

Also, as the protagonist Alex Rider is a teenage boy, he puts Alex around situation that complements a teenage boy. He got gadgets in the form of a Gameboy, Yoyo, Watch among others. Also, the conflicts in the missions are somewhat teen relatable, such as, a free computer that is given to all schools for education that turns out to contain real virus (Stormbreaker) or having to spy on a mob activity while on a school trip (Crocodile Tears) or having foiling an assassination at a Wimbledon tennis match bring you into a lot deeper trouble (Skeleton Key). All this appeal to my young self as a teenager and that is what make this reading a lot better.

Alex Rider was the only franchise i ever finished reading, (Maze Runner, Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl all failed) and these are the reasons why. i would really recommend you to try read this if you want to start an interest in reading.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Anime, realising our imagination

one thing about drawings is that they can visualise everything, logical or illogical, abiding laws of physics or impossible scenario. Now imagine moving drawings. Well you have it, Animation. Now animation has existed for quite sometimes now and we can see different kind of Animation. The West prefer a more 3D computer generated animation, trying to make it as real as ever. The East however decided to keep those sketch lines and pencils and vibrant colour pallete, Now known as Anime.

I like how Anime's are very imaginative and creative. There are anime's on puzzle, human and god, humans with powers, animes about basketball, soccer, rugby american football baseball you name it. And not many will share the same plot, it is always different. Anime are commonly adapted from manga manuscript but sometimes it works vice versa.

Animes realise our imagination. It evokes a feeling like we are in the motion picture, a CATHARTIC effect. Lets say Naruto. We know ninja's ever since we were young. Maybe some of us even dreamed of being one. Ninja Warrior is a series that has entered the mainstream American market but not all pass the course. The show Naruto gives us that feeling of being the ninja that everyone hopes to save the world, and saving their friends from the clutches of evil. With powers such as Rasengen, Raikiri, Chidori, the Sharingan it looks super awesome and super cool to be a ninja. We all know for a fact that it is impossible but we still watch it just to feel the adrenaline of having to fight Orochimaru.This effect hits not only kids but also adult and has been relevant to all ages.

Kudos to the Anime scene for revitalising old people's youth and young people imagination

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Naruto Vs Sasuke

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

K-Pop Deserve their popularity

The trend is uprising. K-pop is now known as a genre of music famous around the world. K-pop or Korean Pop. Ask anyone if they knew any Koreans, i would bet they would say the name of Bigbang or Girls Generation. Back track 20 years ago, the Korean music scene is just a local, small industry. Not even comparable to the Japanese music industry (even now). But now they are starting to steal the spotlight. The graph is extremely steep on the incline doing wonders to Korea, bringing in revenue, tourist, spreading of culture, all leading the economy of the country.

Me, being unbiased (its a lie), believe that they truly deserve their stardom.They work hard for it and they have the talents. The government also plays and important role it his phenomenon.

Working hard is abstract but i can say they put their sweat in it. Compared to artist in the west who are more prominent in their vocal strength, these kpop artists or "idols" are known for being the complete package. They are expected to be able to Dance and Sing, have variety skills and unique talents (they have to find/create talents to show at shows). This results in "Trainee System". Entertainment company will take these hopeful and train them. The trainee don't know if they will ever debut, or if their debut will be a success. Some are known to endure long trainee period such as Jihyo of TWICE who trained under JYP Entertainment for 11 years before debuting. Some dont, Eunji of APink trained for 6 month prior debuting. She felt the hardship of shot trainee period afterwards as she finds lack in certain areas. See, they put their effort in it and their deserve to be where they are right now.

Korea as a country is also backing this humongous leap. Korean TV Station are known to have weekly music shows that allows not only established artist, but also newcomers, indie band and from the underground scene a chance to broadcast their music. Hallyu Wave is a term not coined by the consumers, but coined by the government and there are initiatives (budget, infrastructure) to improve the entertainment scene (Music Drama Webtoon). The Fans also played they part, these fandoms of each group are massive supporters, being at every show posting, videos online, making sure they favourite idol hogs the headline. in turn because the fans were so appreciative, these idols are willing to work even harder and thus accumulate to their success.

I did not point any correlation with other music genre. I am not saying one is better than the other, its just that the high tide the Koreans are riding right now. They deserve it.
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BTS an Gfriend the current trending Idols.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Re: View , The Help

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Emma Stone ! The Help is one of the few movies of her i haven't watch yet and when being asked to do a review on this movie i was pretty excited. My lecturer always gave us this Racist mid 19th century based movie for us to watch. Maybe because when we go to the States we will feel kinda like them ; the minority, the immigrant. 

Anyway, Emma Stone in the movie was Skeeter, an aspiring novelist who wants to write what she wants to write. She got this crazy idea of making a taking life stories of black housemaids across Mississippi, thus the name of the topic. The life experiences she took was not all bad encounters between the maids and their owners. The boo was never meant to be biased or protective, it was just an insight of how it was like to neglect your own child and raise another person's child.

So she went to Aibileen and ask her for help, sharing her own experiences and also to rally other maids to cooperate. it did not turn out that well as in those days there were laws that have mad the coloured freedom of speech hindered and if broken they will be apprehended.

After a few incidents then the maid community feels like they should be heard and comply with Skeeter. The novel was a hit, and people came to realise that these maids are people to.

What I learnt from the movie is that everyone deserve to be heard out. We must give them channels to broadcast their opinions, feelings, shouting out their voice. Skeeter as she progressed in writing the novel, are able to get into the maids' shoes and feel their pain and joy of raising another person's child. Nowadays,through media we are able to speak out our voice without being oppressed. That's the essence of democracy. And that is what we ought to protect.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Re:View, Flipped

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First of all can we appreciate how pretty Morgan Lily is

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Flipped, a story of first love, from being just a next door crush to being something more. Bryce Loski moved into Juli Baker's neighbourhood one day and everything became haywire. Juli Baker thought Bryce was into her and that she felt the same way too, Bryce was however, not as Juli imagined, he hated her. (wtf who would hate Morgan Lily, refer above) she is annoying and wont quit pestering him. 

As they grew up together, climbing sycamores they finally reach high school. Then, as maturity played its part, Juli Baker realized maybe she dosent really have the crush on Bryce. Bryce also realized, how he is just in a state of denial about his feelings towards her. How the tables have turned, its now Bryce Loski's pursuit. 

Family get involved as the Loski's are not fond of the Baker's as they have hideous lawn, they are axis-ed at  both Mr Loski and Mr Baker. the other part of the families get along considerably well.

Do i have to tell everything ? it ended well, obviously, but not that easily. There are many obstacles between them (dont want to spoil it) that i personally think that they will not end up together. Just watch it.

Now what i learned from the movie was family influence. We will see how the Loski's were ful of complaint, influence from Mr Loski who can't chase his dreams of being a musician. Therefore he is always unsatisfied with every aspect in life, Then we have the Baker, where they are more carefree towards others as Mr Baker, an artist, is living the way he wanted to. Although they are living on a deficit, they are satisfied with what they have. Family influence are the thing that shapes us the most and it is evident in the case.

Anyway, Flipped is when you "Flipped" How do i say this, you just.... well Flipped" and when i watched Flipped, i "Flipped".